Norway Troll:

The little Troll is a guardian, the Troll protects you on your way………..It’s always good to have a Troll, you’re never alone.

Silver Troll 925s PMK 4988/1 DKK: 895.-

Gold Troll 18 kt. PMS 1639/1 DKK: 9995.-

The Friendship Drop:

The Friendship Drop from TuaMea is our first piece of jewelry created with a Greenlandic ruby. The jewelry is meant to be shared with someone you love and hold near to your heart. The Friendship Drop will ​​bring happiness, luck, love and strength.

Friendship Drop Pendant Gold 18 kt. PMS 1690/1 DKK: 12500.-

Friendship Drop Pendant Silver 925s PMK 5170/1 DKK: 1495.-

Friendship Drop Bracelet Gold 18 kt. BMS 700/1 DKK: 12500.-

Friendship Drop Bracelet Silver 925s BMK 3331/1 DKK: 1495.-

Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Reindeer everyone knows, he shows Santa the way with his bright red nose. Rudolph will do the same for you, he will help You showing the way wherever you go. Rudolph will guide you and be a best friend forever. The beautiful Ruby from Greenland has the power to bring luck, happiness, love, strength and not to forget, creativity.

Rudolph Gold 18 kt. PMS 1872/1 DKK: 14995.-

Rudolph Silver 925s PMK 5160/1 DKK: 1495.-

Troll Girl and Boy:

Just a little Troll for each of your kids, so you have them close to you… or for your kids, the Troll that will protects you on your way and they will never be alone.

Girl: Pink Turmalin Boy: Blue Sapphire

Troll Girl PMK 5081/1 DKK: 895.-

Troll Boy PMK 5103/1 DKK: 895.-

The Atlantic Salmon:

Atlantic salmon. The Salmon is the king of the Ocean, a beauty for every angler and pecially for flyfisher.

Atlantic Salmon Rob on tail Silver 925s PMK 5079/1 DKK: 995.-

Atlantic Salmon Hook in mouth Silver 925s PMK 5080/1 DKK: 995.-

The Viking:

The Man of Nordic. The Viking were adventurers, innovative, boat builders, skilled traders… The man with DREAMS.

Big Viking Silver 925s PMK 5169/3 DKK: 1795.-

Small Viking Silver 925s PMK 5073/3 DKK: 895.-


Piglets like to be everywhere and like everyone, it doesn’t need much to be happy, everyday is a good day. The piglet attracts money and with its two black diamonds as eyes, it will always protect you and watch over you.

Piglet Large Silver 925s PMK 5259/1 DKK: 1295.-

Piglet Small Silver 925s PMK 5370 DKK: 895.-


Owls symbolizes wisdom, has an overview of the place where it is and with is two black diamonds as eyes, it will protect you and keep the overview for you.

Owl Large Silver 925s PMK 5369/1 DKK: 1295.-

Owl Small Silver 925s PMK 5262/1 DKK: 895.-

Lucky Charm with Ruby:

The TuaMea Lucky Charm, TuaMea stands for “yours” and “mine”, we want to share and reminisce with each other. The Ruby brings luck, happiness, love and strength. The perfect gift to someone you love.

Lucky Charm with Ruby Gold 18 kt. 12mm TMC2-YG18-1RB DKK: 3995.-

Lucky Charm with Ruby Gold 18 kt. 16mm TMC3-YG18-1RB DKK: 5395.-

Lucky Charm with Ruby Silver White 925s 12mm TMC2-S-1RB DKK: 595.-

Lucky Charm with Ruby Silver Black 925s 12mm TMC2-R-1RB DKK: 595.-

Lucky Charm with Ruby Silver White 925s 16mm TMC3-S-1RB DKK: 695.-

Lucky Charm with Ruby Silver Black 925s 16mm TMC2-S-1RB DKK: 695.-

The Earth:

Our mother earth, we have to take care of our earth and protect it. The earth will have a protective black diamond in the area where you bought your world, for Scandinavia is the diamond located in the North Atlantic.

Eath Silver 925s PMK 5261/1 DKK: 895.-

Holger Danske: The Viking Warrior Who Never Died

For hundreds of years Holger Danske has been an important national symbol for the Danes. Holger Danske, also called Holger or Ogier the Dane was a fearsome Viking warrior. His entire life, from birth to death is shrouded in mystery. According to ancient legends Holger Danske never died. Instead he sleeps in the dark cellar of Kronborg Castle at Elsinore, The legend of the statue tells that when the kingdom is threatened by an external enemy, the stone figure will turn into flesh and blood, and Holger Danske will rise in defense of the fatherland.

Holker Danske Silver 925s PMK 5268/3 DKK 1895.-


Herring, the beautiful glittering little fish that we see and love in the north, swims always together with the family and friends and with a sparkling black diamond in the eye, gives a protective effect for the person how wear the little fish. Friends forever.

Herring Silver 925s Pendant PMK 4929/1 DKK 795.-

Herring Silver 925s Bracelet BMK 3114/1 DKK 995.-


The special little glittering fish, the herring from Bodø that makes a lot of joy… If the herring didn’t exist, Bodø wouldn’t be the beautiful town we know… Wear the little fish from Bodø, the gold from the sea and joy of memories.

Exklusiv for OPAL Bodø

Mjelle Bodø:

Nearby Bodø you find the beautiful beach called Mjelle … Here the sun dosen’t go down in the summer and the sand is glittering red with small garnet stones, just so beautiful and a joy of memories you can wear with you everyday.

Exklusiv for OPAL Bodø

Bryggen Bergen:

Bryggen in Bergen, Norway… Those beautiful houses at the harbor in Bergen. Bryggen is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world and this year 2020, Bryggen will be 950 years old… Just amazing and a place to love, Joy of memories from Norway.

Exklusiv for Gams-Haugsøen Bergen

The OIL Drop Stavanger:

Stavanger in Norway the city known for the black gold, OIL… For over 100 million years, residues of plants and animals were compressed into the underground and now they help us with using the black gold for many good things, we can be grateful for what we have. The black gold, drop from Stavanger just a beauty.

Exklusiv for Valberget Stavanger

The Drop:

A drop can say a lot, from the sky, to water, to life, to live… a drop for Friends forever… Just one DROP can change a lot in a lifetime. Black and White, Diamonds are forever.

Drop Pendant Black Silver 925s-Black Diamond PMK 5170/2 DKK: 1195.-

Drop Pendant Black Silver 925s-White Diamond PMK 5170/3 DKK: 1495.-

Drop Pendant White Silver 925s-Black Diamond PMK 5170/4 DKK: 1195.-

Drop Bracelet Black Silver 925s+14kt. Drop Black Diamond BMS 862/2 DKK: 2995.-

Drop Bracelet Black Silver 925s White Diamond BMK 3242/2 DKK: 1195.-

Drop Bracelet White Silver 925s Black Diamond BMK 3142/3 DKK: 1095.-

Drop Bracelet White Silver 925s White Diamond BMK 3142/4 DKK: 1195.-