About TuaMea

how it all began

The story of TuaMea

Every second and every moment has a meaning

TuaMea was launched in 2016. TuaMea is two Latin words meaning ”yours” and ”mine”,  jewellery with meaning and significance. symbolizes

· A story 

· A memory 

· A place you have been

A piece of jewellery from TuaMea Jewelry has been developed with history and significance in mind, as a good luck charm, a memory, a gift from me to you, symbolizing friends forever and I love you, what is mine is also yours, let us share, give and delight one another.

Some of the jewellery has a special meaning for a city, an area or a country. Something completely unique to bring from your journey, as a memory, with a TuaMea signature.

TuaMea is Danish design and handmade jewellery, characterized by the timeless and elegant style. The jewellery is made of precious metal with real stones and diamonds. Each TuaMea jewellery is unique.