Greenlandic Ruby

king of gemstones


In 1966 the geologist Martin Ghisler found the first Greenlandic rubies. Ever since, it has been one of the world’s most coveted gemstones.

The rubies are mined from one of the oldest rock formations, dating back to approx. 3 billion years. It is located in the Greenlandic town, Aappaluttoq where Greenland Ruby now produce the most beautiful rubies.

The red color of the ruby ​​is naturally associated with the color of passion, power and love. It radiates warmth, strength and vitality. The ruby ​​is considered as the “king” of gemstones. For more than a thousand years, the ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gems, because of its rarity and quality.

The ruby is also told to ​​inspire creativity, wisdom and love.

TuaMea is incredibly privileged to be able to offer jewellery with rubies from Greenland. The Friendship Drop from TuaMea is our first piece of jewellery created with a Greenlandic ruby. The jewellery is meant to be shared with someone you love. The Friendship Drop will ​​bring happiness, luck, love and strength.