The idea and story behind Tuamea


Marianne Mølgaard CEO/Designer

It all started with a little glittering fish from Bodø… the Bodø herring.

28 years in the jewellery business had passed, and my dream of making my own jewellery brand, where a common thread, of feeling and glorify in each jewellery, had to come through. I made the decision in October 2016, and my first piece of jewellery was retailed in the spring of 2018. I wanted to create a jewellery brand with meaning – a jewellery people would share, give and create happiness with.

I needet a business name with a meaning.

I began playing with words and language, and this is how TuaMea Jewelry was born. The name with meaning of the latin

Tua: You/Yours  Mea: My/Mine.

It is crusual that there is a story to tell about each jewellery, and that every special selected precious stone has a meaning to ad the jewellery.

All jewellery are in high quality, pure 18 carat gold, sterling silver, gemstones and diamonds.  The jewellery is meant to be used and loved, every day, with precious thoughts.

I get contantly inspired, and it is difficult to limit myself. The inspiration comes from walks, holidays, dialog with costumers, watching and hearing the nature, etc.

And as all jewellery need a meaning and by having the great opportunity to use Greenlandic Rubies – the Friendship drop and Rudolph came through…

I wish to perform with something others does not have. A story for each jewellery, the wish that whoever buys a TuaMea jewellery will remember the time, the place and/or the person. The jewellery describes the place you visited. The person you went there with. Who gave it to you. A jewellery with meaning. The jewellery made with heart and soul.

Feel my thoughts looking through the following pages