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TuaMea Collection

bring it home

Baby Troll

Just a little Troll for each child or grandchild you always want close to you. This little Troll will protect the child on its way and they will never be alone. Lucky Troll forever.

Cute Polar Bear

A new life, as fine as the snow with black sparkling eyes, a small snowball that will grow big and strong, to conquer the world. The black diamonds have a protective effect, with your little polar bear young you will never be alone, your little friend forever


A drop with many meanings, from the sky, to water, to life, to live and to grow.
A drop as in Friends forever,
Just one DROP can change a lot in a lifetime.
Black or White, Diamonds are forever.

As a pendant or a bracelet i all count


Our mother earth, we have to protect our Earth. The Earth will have a protective black diamond in the area where you got your earth from.

It will protect you on your journey.

Bought in Scandinavia, the diamond will be located in the Atlantic Sea.

Friendship Drop

A Drop you would like to wear and share. A unique pendant with the oldest found Ruby in the world, the Greenland Ruby from the Kingdom of Denmark. Rubies bring luck, happiness, love, strength, creativity and succes, what we all need and a good friend deserve.

Friendship forever


Each Chardonnay grape is unique and has its own beautiful shape and leaves. The Chardonnay grape loves to travel, take the jewellery with you on your journey and wear it around the world. Grape series developed in collaboration with Winmark Wines in Australia.


Herring, the beautiful glittering little fish everybody loves, it always swims together with family and friends and with a sparkling black diamond in the eye, it gives a protective effect for the person who wear it. Friends forever.

Bought in Scandinavia, the diamond will be located in the Atlantic Sea.

Holger Danske

The Viking Warrior who never died. Also called Holger or Ogier the Dane, a fearsome warrior. His entire life, from birth to death is shrouded in mystery.  He sleeps in the dark cellar of Kronborg Castle at Elsinore, The legend of the statue tells that when the kingdom is threatened by an enemy, the stone figure will turn into flesh and blood, and Holger will rise in defense of the fatherland. The black diamond on his back, will protect the person who wears it.

Hugging Teddy

Back in our childhood we remember our Teddy Bear, we hugged it, slept with it and felt safe. Here is your hug which lasts forever and with the unique pink sapphire from Greenland the hug is even more special.

A sapphire brings luck, happiness and strength.

Lucky Troll

The little Lucky Troll is a guardian, the Troll will always protects you and bring you luck and happiness, you will never be alone.

Your Lucky Troll forever.


The Owl is symbol for wisdom, the holy bird from the Greek mythologi, it has a great overview of the place where it sit, night and day, and with its two black diamonds as eyes, it will protect you and keep the overview for you.


Piglets are always happy, they love to be everywhere, they do not need much to be happy, every day is a good day.

The piglet stands for wealth and attracts money, and with its two black diamonds as eyes, it will protect you on your way.

Rudolph – The rednosed reindeer

Rudolph the Reindeer everyone knows, he guide Santa with his bright red nose. Rudolph will guide you as well, in all the lifes aspects. The beautiful Ruby from Greenland, has the power to bring luck, happiness, love, strength and not to forget, creativity and success. With the ruby as nose on Rudolph, you are blessed. The Ruby is called ”King of gemstones”

Atlantic Salmon

The Salmon is the king of the Ocean, a beauty for every angler, fly fisher and fish lovers. A beautiful pendant to wear with all the characteristics a wild Atlantic salmon have, with 2 black diamonds as eyes who will protect you when you wear it.

TuaMea Link Bracelet & Eternity Bracelet

A link as the sign of eternity. With the TuaMea link you can assemble your completely unique eternity bracelet, link them together in the length you want and create your own story, by clicking on your special TuaMea pendants. Joy of Memories.

HOPE, Green: Give, share and delight eachother

LIFE, Yellow:  Without the sun, its impossible to live – dot it now live your life

FOREVER, Red: You and me, forever connected. Also called Bracelet of Denmark the country with heart

CARE, navy blue: Always remember and care for eachother and our wonderful earth.

JOY, pink: Its YOUR life – celebrate it.

ETERNITY, black: Today, tomorrow, forever

TuaMea Lucky Charm

TuaMea means ”yours” and ”mine”.

A piece of jewelery that symbolize what is mine is also your ”TuaMea”, let us share, give and delight each other. The unique ruby ​​brings luck, happiness, love and strength. A piece of jewellery with meaning.


The man of the North.

The Vikings were adventurers, innovative, boat builders, warriors and skilled traders.

The man with big dreams and ambitions.

The black diamond on his shield, will protect the person who wear him.